Pielinen Karelia Development Centre - FINLAND

The Pielinen Karelia Development Center Ltd (PIKES) is a regional development agency owned by the towns of Lieksa and Nurmes and the municipality of Valtimo. PIKES was established in 2006 to facilitate and steer the economic development of the Pielinen Karelia region. The main tasks of PIKES are to provide expert support services to individual entrepreneurs or local company clusters and to carry out development projects that support the development of businesses and the region in general.   
PIKES participates in a number of EU projects. In N8URjob, PIKES is responsible for project coordination and for implementing the project in Pielinen Karelia Region. The transnational coordinator of N8URjob, Veli-Matti Hurskainen, is the coordinator of all international projects at PIKES.

Contact Information

Ms Heidi Tanskanen, PIKES Ltd
Phone: +358 40 7313039
Skype: hetanskanen
E-mail: heidi.tanskanen(at)



Global Village

Global Village - FINLAND

Global Village is a private consultancy firm, established in 1986. It works in the area of employment and economic policy, the development of the information society and innovation, science and technology policies. Global Village has close working relationships with local employment and educational institutions and the Local Authorities throughout Finland. Our clients come from both the private companies and the public sector, across the Europe.


In N8URjob, Global Village is responsible for creating and maintaining the project web site and the e-learning platform. Our task is also to translate required material in Finnish. Mr. Ilkka Hynynen is a chairman of the organisation, Mr. Arttu Taponen being responsible for the management of N8URjob.

Contact Information
Ilkka Hynynen
Tel: +358 (0)50 383 8870
E-mail: ilkka.hynynen(at)


Arttu Taponen

Tel: +358 (0)50 383 8840
E-mail: arttu.taponen(at)



Meath Partnership - IRELAND

Meath Partnership is a countywide partnership structure which designs and implements all local, rural and community development programmes in Meath. It is responsible for the implementation of the LEADER – Rural Development Programme, Local Development Social Inclusion Programme, The Community Services Programme, CLÁR and the Rural Social Scheme. It is directly funded by the Irish Government. It has extensive links both in Ireland and throughout Europe gained through the LEADER Programme, EQUAL and Interreg.

Some of the key priorities of the LEADER Programme 2007-2013 for Meath Partnership, are the promotion of eco tourism, walking trails, heritage trails, etc; on farm agri-diversification, and working with older people to support active aging and working in later life. It has a highly trained staff with specific and relevant skill sets.


Contact Information
Sarah Land

Phone: +353 46 9280790
Fax: +353 46 9252335





West Lithuania Business College - LITHUANIA

The West Lithuania Business College (WLBC) is a private, modern higher education institution established in 1994 when a school of further education for Secretaries-Manager's assistants was started. WLBC designs its activities based on the needs of the region, flexibly responding to changes in labor market. The mission of WLBC is to help students reach high-level general and professional competency, up-to-date citizenship skills, ability for continuous learning, and maximised individual potential and creativity. WLBC is also a provider of applied research and development projects that benefit regional development.
WLBC participates in a number of EU projects. In N8URjob, WLBC leads the preparation of Eco-tourism Business Resources and the implementation of the project in Lithuania. The managers of N8URjob are Akvilė Kilijonienė (assoc. prof. of the Department of Recreation and Management, WLBC) and Jurgita Martinkienė (head and assoc. prof. of the Department of Management, WLBC).

Contact Information
Laura Šaltytė

Tel.: +370 46 314 304

Mobile: +370 61258375
E-mail: laura.saltyte(at)

Jurgita Martinkienė
Tel.: +370 46 314 398
Mobile.: +370 610 46728
Skype:  jurgita7174






ECEAT-Poland (European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism) was established in 1993 to promote organic farming, enhance

pro-environmental behaviours, and facilitate local community development through ecotourism. Along with Germany, Czech Republic,

Slovakia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Turkey and Holland, it is a member of ECEAT-INTERNATIONAL.

In N8URjob, ECEAT-Poland leads the dissemination work-package and is responsible for building the valorisation strategy.

Sebastian Wieczorek, Vice-President of the organisation, is responsible for the project management in Poland.

Contact Information

Sebastian Wieczorek
Mobile: +48 604 499 734
E-mail: sebwie(at)




Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar"

Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" (VFU) was established in 1991 and has the status of a higher educational institution since 21 July 1995. VFU consists of approximately 12 000 students, 700 teachers, and 300 employees. VFU has three faculties and provides education in the field of social, economic, technical, legal, security, and humanitarian sciences. VFU closely cooperates e.g. with the Varna Municipality, Varna District Regional Governance, National Board of Tourism, Varna Tourist Chamber, and Varna Business Incubator. VFU has experience in different national and international projects under programmes like PHARE, LLP/Leonardo Da Vinci, LLP/ JEAN MONNET, TEMPUS, DG SANCO, FP6, FP7, LLP/GRUNDTVIG, and structural funds. 

In N8URjob, VFU is responsible for the development of the Eco-Tourism certificate curriculum, induction training programme, and pedagogic strategy.

Contact Information
Ralitsa Zhekova Ph.D
Project Management Secretary
Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar"
tel: +359 - 52-359 616
fax: +359 - 52- 359 523